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screenprintScreen Printing:
Screen printing is a printing technique that uses a woven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil to receive a desired image.
One colour is printed at a time, up to a maximum of 6 colours. Several screens can be used to produce a multi-coloured image or design. This is most commonly used on large quantities where there is only a couple of colours involved or on the larger designs.

We have a no minimum order policy on garments and branding, that means if you only need a small quantity of items screen-printed, we can do it!

To see our Screen Printing Pricelist and Artwork Specifications, click here.

Vector Artwork is required for all printing.
What is Vector Artwork?

Pantone Colour Charts, available here.

Vinyl/Digital Transfers:transfer
Digital transfers are basically screen-printed designs that are printed on a special heat transfer (release) paper, then applied to the garment with a professional heat press.
Digital transfers are a more cost effective option for small runs. Prices can be found here or contact us for a quote.

Vinyl/Digital Transfers Vs. Screenprinting










Supacolour Transfers:
SupercolourSupacolour combines the quality of traditional silkscreen techniques with the flexibility and convenience of digital printing to produce premium-quality full colour printing.

Supacolour transfers have been tested and they easily last over 50 washes. These transfers are made to last!
This process prints millions of colours and gradients, allowing reproduction of almost any artwork, no matter how complex. Fine detail is rendered as small as 1mm tall without requiring coloured borders (as you may see in Digital Transfers - above method).


DTG Printing

DTG Printing:
Direct to garment printing is a printing method that applies the ink directly onto the garment, kind of like your printer at home, except it's printing onto a garment, not onto paper.
It's easy to do one-offs with DTG as there’s almost no setup time. You can print detailed designs and photorealistic images with almost no color limitations.
DTG prints tend to last the life of the garment - and age along with it.
To see our DTG Pricelist and Artwork Specifications, click here.

Dye Sublimation:sublimation

This is a full colour printing process used to apply photographic quality images to fabric. This is usually printed on the fabric panels prior to manufacture.
It is very common on sporting uniforms that involve team and sponsors logo's or unique colours/designs to cover the majority of the garment.
You just pay for the whole garment to be printed not a price per logo like you would when adding logo's to already manufactured garments.

Dye Sublimation is not available for purchase through our online shop, contact us for a quote.



Pad Print:
Pad Printing is used on the majority of promotional products. This type of printing can be done on items that may not have a flat surface. This makes it perfect for anything with a curved or small surface like pens, keyrings, desk accessories, stress balls, glasses, mugs, pretty much any promotional item.
See below images for more information.

Screen Print:
Screen printing is ideal for large solid areas of colour. Large print areas are possible on both flat and cylindrical surfaces.
See below images for more information.

Direct Digital Print:
Direct to product digital printing involves the transfer of ink directly from the print heads of an inkjet machine to the product and can be used to produce both spot colour and full colour branding on flat or slightly curved surfaces.
Ideal for printing dark coloured products as a layer of white ink can be printed under the artwork.
Can print variable data including individual names.
See below images for more information.

Digital Transfer:
Digital Transfers are used for branding fabrics and are printed on transfer paper using a digital printing machine, then heat pressed onto the product.
See below images for more information.

Laser Engraving:
Laser engraving produces a permanent natural finish using a laser to mark the product. Different materials produce different effects when engraved so to avoid uncertainty pre-production samples are recommended.
The branding becomes part of the surface and is permanent. Can mark curved or uneven products.
See below images for more information.

Imitation Etch:
Imitation etch is a special pad printing ink used for producing an etch like effect on glass products, at a much lower cost than real etching.
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Which branding option is suitable for my product?
You will see the available branding options listed in each product description.

Pad-Print Screen-Print
Direct-Digital Digital-Transfer
Laser-Engraving Imitation-Etch