The Results Are In! Supacolour Lab Test Reports.

The Results Are In! Supacolour Lab Test Reports.

Supacolour has published our machine wash test & product safety compliance reports...

and the results did not disappoint!

The Results Did Not Disappoint!

April 28th, 2021 – In the garment printing and manufacturing industry, understanding product quality is critical, as is compliance with government safety regulations. We proudly manufacture Supacolour on-site, in our factories in the US, UK and New Zealand, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards. Therefore, Supacolour has implemented thorough, laboratory testing procedures on our products, conducted by certified, third parties.

First, we engaged a U.S laboratory called Intertek Testing Services, for a rigorous review of our heat transfer’s durability through machine washing. The results were stellar. No damage (such as cracking or colour fading) was seen on our prints until the 70th wash cycle, at which point only minimal cracking began to appear. To view the full wash test report, download the PDF here.

Next, we underwent child safety testing in regard to product safety testing. Our goal was to confirm that our products meet a range of safety specifications, particularly for children’s products regarding the toxicity of materials. We’re proud to announce that our water based, phthalate free, lead free inks and adhesives passed these tests with flying colors.


Supacolour prides itself on making a product of unparalleled quality, and compliant with the most stringent safety measures. Not only are we Supafast and Supaeasy, we’re also Supapremium and Supasafe!

In this video Stan Banks discusses our third party machine wash test. Click to watch.

 Credit to Supacolour NZ - Supablog April 29, 2021

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