Client Store or Ordering Portal

Interested in setting up a client store or ordering portal?

We would love to discuss options.

We can set you up with a Client Store (online ordering portal) through our website, totally free of charge.

You can see this in action here:

Client Stores – Evoke Uniforms


You will be able to click into some and have a look – see Keiki Early Learning or Scouts as examples.

These are to enable individuals to place their own orders, without us setting up individual logins with access to the store.

This way they would either enter a security word into the order notes to show they are an authorised person allowed to order the uniforms, or they are set up for all orders to deliver to the head office so that no unauthorised person can buy their uniforms/merch.

If you require your individual staff to be allowed to place orders, this would be the best way to set your portal up.
They can have free shipping for their individual staff orders, if we do a bulk delivery to one address (head office) every set amount of weeks. Or your staff could order directly to their choice of address from $15.

The alternate option, would be to set it up like Morco, where it requires a pre set up login to access the store. This is for pre selected individuals (they have their state managers setup with logins). This option would not work very well for individual ordering, they would need to create an account, and contact us to be set up for access.

All of your required items would be loaded into the portal, showing the items as a mockup with your logo’s included.

We can include categories down the left side for easy ordering.

Here is a screen shot of some of a Morco page:


We can include any notes you require into the product description, an example might be quantity of shirts allowed per person.

Here is a screen shot of a Morco product:

Payment can be made online via Credit Card, or some larger clients prefer to select the Bank Deposit option, and we email a tax invoice to accounts for it to be included in the next pay cycle. You let us know what works for you, we are here to make your life easier.

We find this way of ordering is an easier, faster, streamlined process. Gone are the days of filling in manual order forms, scanning and emailing them through.

If manual order forms are still your preferred way of operating though (sometimes easier for staff to fill in), we are happy to create one for you and you can email these through to us for manual processing. We send back as an order confirmation the same day, so you can be sure orders have been received and are in processing.